The respect for the environment
In Albania the concept of Environment Sustainability is not still a priority. Our Hotel is certainly one of the first companies that have made the environment sustainability a first and foremost priority. All of this requires significant financial resources because it is not possible yet to find products with eco-friendly characteristics in the Albanian market. We independently import eco-friendly products from the foreign market.

Eco Hotel: Contamination of rivers and seas
Just like for waste, no system of decantation or purification of the wastewater is provided. All the products that Seaside Saranda Hotel uses for cleaning or provides to clients for personal hygiene are biodegradable.

Eco Hotel: Power saving
Our hotel uses solar power panels for hot water production and partly for air conditioning of the premises. Thermal isolation is in conformity with European standards. The LED lights used in the hotel consume little and save a lot of energy.

Eco Hotel: Endless variety of products
In its menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Seaside Saranda Hotel tries to choose only local and biological products.