SARANDA - Sightseeing and Entertainment

Being located in an exceptional geographic position, Seaside Hotel has the auspicious opportunity to organize and offer to its clients guided tours in the many tourist attractions like, natural beauties, historical places and archeological sites. In less then 20 minutes you could reach places like the Castle of Lekursi, the ancient city of Butrint (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Forty Saints Monastery (the city of Saranda is named after this monastery), the Church of Mesopotam, the Three Marvelous Islands of Ksamil, the Blue Eye Spring and much more. Moreover our local guides can offer professional hiking tours in the breathtaking region of Saranda and even one day tours to the World Heritage UNESCO protected city of Gjirokastra. Or you could choose to go snorkeling, scuba diving (if you have a license and/or proper training) and fishing. The passionate of music and dancing may spend their nights and early mornings at Disco Club Mango, one the most frequented night clubs in the region, not far from the hotel.