“Junia Rufina” Restaurant

“Junia Rufina” open air restaurant on the terrace of the hotel is a great place to enjoy the fresh breeze of the Ionian Sea while you taste delicious Mediterranean specialties and delicacies. Here you will find a rich menu of appetizers, traditional side dishes and Albanian gastronomy cooked for you with great mastery and passion by our chef.

The restaurant is named after and in honor of Junia Rufina a woman citizen of the ancient city of Butrint who financed the building and decoration of one of the most beautiful wells in the voluptuous city. If you visit the well you will find this inscription in Greek “IOYNIA POYΦEINA NYMΦΩN ΦIΛH” Junia Rufina friend of the nymphs.


“Scaean Gate” Bar

Relieve your stress and relax in the “Scaean Gate” Bar, the only place where you could enjoy a sunset on the palm of your hand. From this terrace hanging as a balcony on the Saranda Bay you may gaze into the crystal waters of the Ionian Sea and the neighboring Greek Island of Corfu. Under the romantic tunes of selected music you will enjoy our specialty delicious cocktails and drinks at fantastic prices during our Happy Hour.

“Scaean Gate” Bar is named after one of the most beautiful gates of the ancient city of Butrint, and a gem of Albanian archeology.